Articulating Hand Shower Mount

This is my 3D-printed holder for a Delta hand-held shower head that works with the awesome "Articulating, Wall-Mounted, Magnetic Phone Mount" by doctriam on Thingiverse. I printed it in PLA, mounted it on the tile wall using Sugru, and it's been working great.

3D-printed articulating hand shower mount on the wall

I initially started working on my own pivoting joint for the mount, but stopped as soon as I found the phone mount thing. Even though I can't adjust the shower angle without twisting and untwisting knobs, the beauty of using the articulating mount "system" created by doctriam is that I can stop reinventing wheels and work on things that solve my exact problems, and have an option to easily swap out parts, print longer or shorter arms if I need to, or even mount something different on that wall if necessary. (Update from the future: having used this mount for several months, I haven't had to adjust it more than once or twice after the initial setup).

P.S. Household hardware and Sugru go together like Swiss cheese and raspberry jam - over the years I've put up more than two dozen things on the walls in our home using sugru, mostly hooks and such, and not a single one has come down yet. If only this wondrous material wasn't so expensive...