Telegram bot for the Handshake blockchain

I discovered the Handshake DNS-on-blockchain project by accident in the early 2021, probably while listening to some podcast about domain name investing or whatever business idea I was researching at the time. A decentralized system to govern top level domain names without the bureaucratic overhead of something like the ICANN sounded interesting, as did all the other properties and use cases: censorship resistence, identity ownership. So, I got some HNS (Handshake's native cryptocurrency) and started playing with names and auctions.

As I was getting deeper and deeper into that rabbithole, a thought kept rattling in my head: "I wish something would watch these name auctions and send me alerts about interesting events". Then one day I came across the Telegram Bot API docs, and it all clicked. Couple weeks later, the Handshake HNS Telegram Bot was born. It knows a couple of tricks already, and I'm teaching it more, so next time you are on Telegram, why don't you say Hi to it.